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giving back

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Western Fairfax Christian Ministries is charitable organization located in Fairfax County Virginia. They are a critical safety net for people and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Whether it is rent, paying for utilities, purchasing quality healthy food for their family, or other basic needs they are here to help. WFCM serves over 500 local families. They are also unique because their clients are invited to 'shop' at their pantry and take whatever items they prefer. WFCM also provides Holiday food baskets for local families as well. Click below to learn how you can help contribute!  


Ellie’s Hats mission is to brighten the day of a child who is battling cancer. They do this by sending a package of hats and other items for the child battling cancer and their siblings. We include hats for the siblings too because often they feel left out. They have sent over 1,300 special packages to children across the country. For families in Northern Virginia, which is where they are located, they are able to do more than send them hats. They provide financial support and do whatever they can do to make these kids’ and the families' days a little brighter. We are a 100% volunteer run non profit.

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