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Tracking Your Leads To Maximize Conversion

Learn the tools and methods to be extremely organized with the tracking of your business leads. These methods will certainly lead to more of your leads converting into sales, client relationships, and many more referrals.

Make Your Real Estate Business A Lead Magnet!

Learn more techniques, systems, tools, and attitudes for developing a strong lead generation program for your real estate business. And more importantly, how to use these same techniques, systems, tools, and attitudes to follow-up effectively and have a loyal following of prospects, clients, and social agents.

Financing Solutions For Life Situations

A training for Real Estate agents - Home Financing With Life Situations. Jolene shares her expertise about how to anticipate the correct loan programs that are available when people are going through those life situations that require some creativity such as divorce. 

50 Ways to Generate More Leads Without Breaking Your Bank!

50 Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents. These are strategies for generating leads that Jolene has taught real estate agents and who have used them successfully. 

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