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The Do's & Don'ts


Whether you're purchasing  or refinancing, here are a few important things to know. Please

feel free to call any member of Jolene Moore's Team with any questions. 

DO, Save, and Provide

* Continue making your mortgage or rent payments and stay current on all credit accounts

* Most current pay stubs covering the last 30 days, last 2 years federal tax returns (all pages, all

   schedules), 2 years W-2s/1099s and other income documentation

* Most recent asset statements including bank, brokerage, mutual funds, and retirement

* Include all types of income including base pay, overtime, bonuses, retirement, child/spousal 


* A complete 2 year residence and employment history

* Keep documentation for all non-payroll deposits

* Gift fund documentation including proof of donor's ability to gift, gift letter, copy of gift check

   and proof of gift deposit

* Divorce decree, separation agreement, property settlement agreement, if applicable

* Copy of current lease and mortgage statements on any investment properties

* Original Green Certificate of Eligibility for VA loans

* Copy of DD 214 or Statement of Service from your commanding officer (stating that you are in 

   good standing) for VA loans

* Know that funds for closing need to be a certified check or wire

DON'T Before or During the Loan Process

* Open any new credit cards or increase credit card balances

* Close any credit card accounts

* Dispute or close any items on your credit report

* Forget to make your payments on time

* Take any credit card advances

* Make unnecessary banking transfers


* Make any major purchases such as a car, boat. furniture, jewelry, etc.


* Start new home improvements projects until after closing

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